Encouraging live music in Hungerford since 2002.

Bringing live music to Hungerford since July 2002

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Many Thanks  to for hosting Hungerforsd Jazz for almost 20 years

Hungerford Jazz Forum usually takes place at the

Royal British Legion, Church Way, Hungerford

on the last Friday of each month

(except August and December).
8pm to 10:30pm
Entance Fee to cover costs £3
Please visit our new website

We are having to make some changes including seeking volunteers to move kit to and from

the British Legion.

The kit has to be moved less than 200mtrs.

If you are able to help or would like more details please let us know by email at

[email protected]

This website is hosted by
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It may not be possible to post updates this website.

Our new website is 

For  almost 20 years we have been encouraging musicians of all ages and abilities to get up and play in a friendly atmosphere. We operate in the Royal British Legion in Church Way, Hungerford, RG17 0JU on the last Friday of every month (excluding August and December). We are in a great room with a stage, drums, lights, microphones, everything including a fantastic bar and we ask only a small donation as a contribution to costs.

and receive reminders about HJF sessions and other related items. Send your email to